Temre Stanchfield - Oil Paintings
GloryDandelion CrownVesselVessel iiVessel iiiOrchid Study GoldOrchid Study RedHeartbeatAncientRoseyPoppy Portrait iiPoppy PortraitTulip BurstTulips ThreeTulip BoquetDuet IDuet IIDuet IIITwo For YouNasturtium JollyRosepodPoseySpriteTrundle TwinkleTruffleGiftMerrydewLen CourtInternal
Heaps of flowers growing from a central mound constitute my floral paintings. This motif is not an organic reality, not a microscopic view of the literal, not a bouquet, not a decoration; instead, it is an assembled terrarium, a simulated ecosystem, a grouping of small parts unanimously sprouting, wilting and dropping their seeds, reminiscent of the perennial life cycle.

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